How do I remember? Let me count 3 ways.

I found the Gagné chapter pretty cool. I’d heard of the 9 events but didn’t realize the underpinnings of the 3 types of knowledge (in memory).

  1. Propositions are declarative and form into networks; they are composed of argument (general)-relation (narrower) pairs although it took me a while to “count” them correctly. What was interesting is that we remember them as ideas not as exact sentences–maybe because we take in the sentence and then adapt it to our schema based on our history. They are easier to acquire but slower to retrieve. Propositions are organized in hierarchies and underlie the ability to reproduce information.
  2. Productions are procedural and form into systems; they are composed of if (condition)-then (reaction) pairs and are more reactive with the environment. They are slower to acquire but faster to retrieve (automatic) because they don’t need to be brought back into short-term memory. Productions are organized into if-then pairs and underlie the ability to operate on information.
  3. Images are different from both and pack more information into a smaller space. Images are used to represent spatial information because of ST memory limits. Images are continuous (analog) while propositions (and procedures?) are discrete (digital).

Here are some things I questioned:

  • 45% correct if 2 ideas are in working memory at the same time vs. 35% if the 2 ideas are separated: doesn’t seem like a huge difference but is used to justify bringing recalled knowledge into short-term memory and immediately connecting it to new knowledge.
  • Declarative knowledge is useful for novel situations while procedural knowledge is important for familiar ones; this seems incongruous with Wiggins’ contention that PBL is best for new situations (or perhaps PBL builds declarative knowledge).
  • Images may be represented  in long-term memory as propositions or as images and propositions; they could be represented only as images (is there research on whether image recall is as fast as procedural recall?).

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